10 Fun Date Night Ideas During Self Isolation

Just because we’re in self isolation doesn’t mean that you can’t have exciting date nights! If you’re looking for some fun date night ideas inside I got you!!


1. Cooking Together

Before the quarantine you might have found that you hadn’t had much time to do leisurely cooking or baking. It might have even been a stressful and rushed activity that you and your partner did separately. So I encourage you to find a new recipe, pour a glass of wine and cook together! If you and your significant other aren’t quarantined together do a Facetime cooking date and make the same recipe!

2. Order a Surprise Dinner for Each Other

This one is for all my couples who aren’t quarantined together. Order a surprise meal through Uber Eats, DoorDash, or any food delivery service, and have it delivered to each other’s house. Then Facetime each other, dim the lights, pour the wine, and enjoy your meals!

3. Build a Fort

I don’t know about you, but this quarantine is truly bringing out my inner child…So grab some pillows, blankets, popcorn, and go watch a movie in your fort! Grab a galaxy star projector to spice it up so it feels like another environment. Click here for the link to one on Amazon.

4. Paint Night

Have a little Bob Ross moment and look up some fun paint tutorials on Youtube! A lot of painting places like Yaymaker are now offering virtual painting classes if you need a little extra help!

5. Play Video Games Together

Some video games you can play together are Animal Crossing, Sims, Club Penguin, and Minecraft to name a few!

6. DIY Home Project

Now is the perfect time to build or fix something that you’ve been wanting to do for a while. Maybe you have some extra wood lying around so get creative and crafty! If you love being outdoors start a garden with your significant other! This can be a relaxing and fun activity that’ll have a great long term outcome.

7. Netflix and Chill

Now this one is pretty self explanatory…Find your favorite tv show or movie and do lots of chilling!

8. Karaoke Night

Turn on your favorite tunes and sing your hearts out so the whole neighborhood can hear you!

9. Learn a New Dance

Learn a new Tiktok dance or watch a Youtube tutorial to learn a new type of dance like salsa and bust out those moves!

10. Have a Backyard Picnic

Pack a picnic, layout your blanket, bring some twinkly lights or lanterns and have dinner or lunch. Bring out your laptop and watch your favorite movie or show!

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