How to Postpone Your Wedding During the Corona Virus Pandemic

I know what you’re thinking…2021?! I know that is the last thing you want to hear right now, and this situation really sucks. Vendors book up quickly, and there is a chance that you may be able to get a date for 2020. Try to pick a few dates after July 2020 that work for you. There is so much uncertainty with this virus, and things are constantly changing. With some parts of the world not in full lockdown yet, it could be a while until the virus starts to get better.

2. Contact your vendors to find out what dates they are available. 

Be sure to contact your current vendors to let them know that you are postponing, and what their policies are on rescheduling. Send your vendors the dates that you are thinking about to see who is available. Coordinate with your vendors to find out the best options that they have for you. Here is a sample email that you can use to make things easier for you:

Dear [Vendor],

I am contacting you because [enter your partner’s name] & I have made the hard choice to postpone our wedding due to Covid-19. We realize we had a contract in place with your team for [enter service here]. We would love to still work with you, and find an alternate date. Here are some alternate dates that are venue still has available:

[Insert dates here]

Thank you for working with us during this challenging time, and we hope to speak soon.


[Your names]

3. Make a Timeline.

If your wedding is coming up in April definitely postpone it. If your wedding is in May be prepared to postpone it, and give yourself a cut off date to decide by. Start contacting your vendors and venue to find out other days that they are available. If your wedding is in June, July, or August keep up to date with what is happening. With everything changing so rapidly it’s way too early to say if you will need to postpone. Be prepared to ask your vendors and venue sooner than later what dates they have available in the event that you need to postpone.

4. Contact your guests to let them know you are postponing.

Use a convenient social media platform like Facebook or Instagram to ask guests to send their emails, and then reach out to grandparents/those offline individually. You can even start a FB group to keep everyone up to date!

5. Elope and hold a formal ceremony or reception later!

I know that due to most states strict rules that you are probably not able to elope right now because of strict “lockdown” rules for the next few weeks. If you are in another country you may not be on lockdown yet. However, if you need to postpone your wedding, you’re wanting to tie the knot now and your venue is not available for a while have you considered eloping?

An elopement is an intimate ceremony, usually with your closest friends or family or just the two of you! You can get creative and even live stream your ceremony through FB, Instagram, or Zoom so your loved ones feel like they are there with you if they are not able to make it. Maybe being in quarantine for so long has made you realize who you really want to share your special day with, and that may include only a few people.

An elopement gives you the chance to go somewhere super epic like a national park, a waterfall or even the beach, but you can also elope somewhere local too! You can go all out or spend less money if you still want to have a reception or formal ceremony later.

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