Where to Elope in Big Sur in 2023

From the breathtaking coasts and forests with giant redwoods, Big Sur is the perfect place to elope! The area is so spread out so you can find remote places to have your ceremony at. As your Big Sur elopement photographer, I offer location scouting and personalized location recommendations as a part of my services. Elopements are meant to be intimate and intentional experiences. Your wedding day should be centered around all the things you love! In this blog I’ll be talking about where to elope in Big Sur.

Where to Have Your Big Sur Elopement

You can get married on either public or private land. Here’s a list of state parks (public land) where you can have your Big Sur elopement at:

Public Land for Your Big Sur Elopement

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

  • No access to the beach or ocean
  • Known for the Pfeiffer Falls Trail and redwood trees
  • Permits are required
  • Elopement permits can be applied for and granted for 10 people and under. It is a hike-in event only.
  • Special Event Permits are required for large gatherings in permitted areas only
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Andrew Molera State Park

  • Permits are required
  • Has panoramic views of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, a federal marine protected area.
  • Expect beautiful trails with exceptional meadows, beaches, bluffs, and hilltops
  • Beach access with a comfortable 1-mile hike
  • Permits are required for all elopements
  • Have up to 10 people at your elopement ceremony
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Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

  • There is no beach access, but expect beautiful coastal views and that of the famous Mcway Falls and redwoods
  • Forest trails throughout the park
  • Have up to 10 people for a hike-in elopement ceremony
  • Permits are required for elopements
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Garrapata State Park

  • Easy beach access and coastal trails right off Highway 1
  • Known for its breathtaking coastal views and bluffs
  • Permits are required for elopements
  • Have up to 25 people for your elopement
garrapata state park

Private Land in Big Sur for Your Elopement

If you’re eloping in Big Sur, private land is a great option because you won’t need a permit for your elopement! There’s so many Big Sur wedding venues that have beautiful views. Private lands include lodges, wedding venues, restaurants, etc. Here are the benefits of eloping on private land:

  • No permits required for your elopement
  • No need to worry about park/trail closures
  • Privacy is guaranteed
  • Usually, there are on-site places to get ready
  • Flexibility with how many guests you can have versus eloping on private land

Big Sur Wedding Venues 

Ventana Big Sur Wedding Venue

  • The Ventana Big Sur wedding venue is surrounded by gorgeous coastal views and redwoods
  • Perfect for a high-end luxury elopement 
  • Micro wedding packages for up to 30 people start at $20,000

Wind & Sea Wedding Venue

  • The Wind & Sea wedding venue is next to Pfeiffer falls and offers stunning coastal views
  • A luxurious house for 6-12 guests. It’s perfect if you want to stay with loved ones

Henry Miller Library Wedding Venue

  • The Henry Miller Library is an arts center with a performance venue and bookstore
  • Reception site available for larger weddings, small weddings of 30 people and under, or a private redwoods canyon for elopements.
  • Perfect for couples that want a private ceremony amongst the redwood trees.

Loma Vista Gardens Wedding Venue

  • The Loma Vista Gardens has gorgeous mountain and garden views
  • Elegant gardens and rustic theme
  • Choose between two different ceremony locations for elopement ceremonies for up to 2 hours and up to 25 guests
  • They offer small wedding packages for weekdays and select Sundays
  • Host your ceremony and reception all in one place 

Big Sur Elopement Packages

Big Sur wedding cost will depend on if you have any guests for your elopement and if you elope on public or private land. There are venues that offer elopement packages that will include selected vendors. This includes photographers, officiants, caterers, etc. I offer Big Elopement packages that fit your needs.

Meet Your Big Sur Elopement Photographer

Big Sur is one of my favorite places in California! It has breathtaking coastal views and even Redwood forests. When you go to Big Sur you feel a sense of relaxation and peace being in a remote area. It makes the perfect place to have an elopement since the area is so spread out. There’s so many areas where you can have a private elopement ceremony. Location scouting and personalized location recommendations is a part of my services as your elopement photographer. Elopements are meant to be so much more than a few quick pictures and reading your vows. It can be an incredible all day experience doing all the things you love! This blog is meant to help you plan your Big Sur elopement. I will be sharing tips about permits, the best time to elope, best places to have your elopement, and so much more!

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